Amended April 18, 1999 and December 15, 2001.

Article I. Name.

The name of the society shall be The George Sand Association.

Article II. Purpose.

The purpose of the society shall be to coordinate and encourage research and scholarship on George Sand through conferences and the publication an annual journal and an electronic mailing list/newsletter, and website.

Article III. Membership.

Regular members are those who pay annual dues; they are free to participate in all the society’s activities. They shall receive the annual publication, George Sand Studies, a refereed journal registered with the CELJ, as well as any additional mailings, and have access to the electronic mailing list/newsletter, as well as all areas of the web site. There shall be Honorary Members, those persons selected by the Editorial Board (though nominations will be accepted from the whole membership) and deemed to have promoted the reputation of George Sand. Students are also encouraged to join, with reduced dues; the same reduced membership fee will apply to retirees (see below, Article V).

Article IV. Organization.

A President,Vice-President and a Treasurer will be elected by the membership, for a three-year term, to take care of all aspects of communication with the members and the MLA. These officers and the Editorial Board of George Sand Studies shall constitute the Executive Committee, responsible for policies and policy changes of the association. The Co-Editors- in-Chief of George Sand Studies will chair the Editorial Board to make policy decisions concerning the journal, as well as serving as managing editors. A special Guest Editor may be chosen by the Editorial Board for issues of George Sand Studies; the Guest Editor shall be responsible for the selection of articles and production of issue(s). General meetings of The George Sand Association shall be held annually at the MLA Convention; additional meetings will be held at Sand conferences. The purpose of the annual meeting shall be to discuss plans for future conferences, MLA panel topics, and other items of interest that may arise. Outside the agenda established by the Executive Committee, there shall always be a time reserved for new business. Any item for vote shall pass with a majority of those present.

Article V. Dues.

The dues schedule shall be fixed by the Executive Committee. Any change in that schedule is subject to discussion and a vote by the Committee. The dues structure will be printed on the membership application.

Article VI. Use of Funds.

Funds belong to The George Sand Association, and shall be used to produce George Sand Studies and to communicate with the membership. Modest sums may be granted to encourage the organization of a conference devoted to George Sand or the publication of proceedings; the foregoing is not, however, to be seen as automatic. The Executive Committee shall have full power to decide how to allocate funds.

Article VII. Amendments to the Bylaws.

Amendments to the bylaws shall be proposed to the full membership of the society. These proposals shall be voted on at the annual meeting, or by mail, following their publication. A vote of two-thirds of those present shall be required to adopt an amendment.