GSA Dissertation Prize

In 2001, the George Sand Association created the Janis M. Glasgow Memorial Prize to honor the memory of Janis Glasgow, whose 1966 dissertation, “Psychological Realism in George Sand’s Early Novels,” represents one of the first scholarly studies of Sand in North America. In 2004, the GSA voted to change the name of the award to the GSA Memorial Prize to honor all pioneering Sand scholars now deceased.

Pour honorer la mémoire de Janis M. Glasgow, dont la thèse, “Psychological Realism in George Sand’s Early Novels” (1966), fut l’une des premières études sur Sand en Amérique du Nord, l’Association George Sand avait créé en 2001 le prix de la meilleure thèse de doctorat consacrée à George Sand. Ce prix a été transformé en 2004 en « GSA Memorial Prize » pour honorer tous les collègues disparus qui ont consacré leur recherche à George Sand.

To contribute to the fund, please send your donations, in the form of checks in U.S. dollars made out to the “George Sand Association,” to Rachel Corkle, Modern Languages Department, BMCC, CUNY, 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007. All contributions will be acknowledged by email or post. Please let Rachel know that a check is on the way so she may watch for it.

George Sand Association Memorial Dissertation Prize, deadline 15 January 2024.

Previous recipients (and abstracts):

2022: Gheorghe Derbac and Guillaume Milet

2019: Rebecca Sugden

2017: Amélie Calderone

2015: Marilyn Mallia

2013: Rachel Corkle, Anne Marcoline and Manon Mathias

2008: Marie-Cécile Levet

2004: Susan J. White