GSA Sessions at MLA 2008

December 31, 2008

MLA Panels, San Francisco

The George Sand Association will hold a business meeting during the upcoming MLA Convention. Time and place will be announced.

Please find below the two George Sand sessions that will be held at the 2008 MLA in San Francisco.

“George Sand and Literary Traditions”

  • Chair Cathy Leung, Columbia University
  • Sabine Beutin, independent scholar: “Romanesque, genre, et classes sociales”
  • Constance Verrier, “Entre tradition et expérimentation”
  • Yuqiu Meng, University of Washington: “Continue to Recanonizing Sand: Creolizing Indiana”
  • Kari Lokke, UC Davis, “Heretical History in George Sand’s Jean Ziska”

“Cosmopolitan Sand, Country Sand”

  • Chair: Kathy Richman, University of the Pacific
  • Salah Khan, University of North Dakota: “The Reshaping of the Urban-Country Split and the Framework of Philosophical Discourse in Sand’s Lelia”
  • Jane Chapman, Lincoln University, Lincoln, UK: “The rise and fall of George Sand’s newspaper writing aimed at uniting capital and countryside during 1848”
  • Lynn Wilkinson, University of Texas, Austin: “Seeing Double: The Return to Venice in George Sand’s Lettres d’un voyageur”